You will need
  • - directories;
  • - the Internet.
To increase sales of furniture without advertising you can not do. Such purchases are made not so often, so your company must be constantly on the ear. Develop a catchy advertising slogan and bright: once a potential customer wants to buy furniture, he couldn't help but remember your brand.
Develop a program of customer loyalty. Try to serve them as quickly as possible. Make a client database to subsequently make it easier to process data about customers. A satisfied customer will tell about you to their friends and family that will have a direct impact on sales.
Arrange furniture in a trading floor so that the buyer a desire to purchase several items. For example, with bed – side tables, bedspreads, carpet, dressing table. If things will match perfectly in style, the customer will be less sensitive to factor prices.
Those items that are not available on the trading floor, should be submitted to quality directory. On the one hand, the photos in it must be true. On the other hand to create a beautiful "magazine" look.
Create a partnership and establish close cooperation with interior designers and companies engaged in repair and furnish of premises. Such partners under certain conditions will be able to recommend you to my clients who make repairs in the apartment or the office. This way you can get valuable buyers wanting to buy all new furniture after renovation.
Offer additional services to stand out from the competition. It may be free delivery, Assembly, warranty service, replacement of components (this is especially true for children's and kitchens).
Make a good Internet site with the maximum amount of information. Imagine the basic models of furniture, size, quality photos. The potential buyer will be able to select and view remotely, and then will surely appeal to you.