The first way to increase the amount of implementation — management of the sales price. In addition to the traditionally used method — increase the selling price of the company often use a different approach. For example, a temporary price reduction with the objective of strengthening positions in new market. The same method can be used when a company has several activities. In this case, they can fully cover all expenses of the enterprise, and the sale of the products at a reduced price to bring net profit. In the future prices rise to average.
To increase the implementation can also be through management of the distribution network through which the products reach the end customer. The growth of the network implementation can be achieved through the exclusion of competitors from their positions, as well as through finding new opportunities for sales (dealer locator, extension of distribution network).
Management of product offer often leads to an increase in the implementation of the company due to the growth of the number of items sold. He can be reached through 2 lines of work: improving the quality of production and extension (change) of the range.
Management promotion in the company, in essence, amounts to using marketing techniques in the enterprise. Advertising campaigns, promotions and bonuses for dealers, the lottery for buyers — all of these are ways to fix in the minds of consumers need a brand, the demand for which will remain stable even after the completion of these activities.