Difficulties with replacement of the filter can occur due to excessive zeal at the time of the replacement filter is "strong liking" and not give in. Another reason is the limited space of the engine compartment near the attachment filter does not allow you to use the tools.
Use the special key to facilitate the process of removing the filter. On the shelves of auto shops such keys are in a variety of designs: chain clamp, belt, screw, etc. the Cost is small, and it will serve you for a long time to get rid of the difficulties.
If you are not able to buy a key, and the filter must be urgently removed, you can try to Unscrew it with the help of improvised means. Take a screwdriver medium or large size, punch through the filter (it is still throw it away) and using the handle of a screwdriver as a lever, flick tear the filter.
In some cases, motorists can help the gas key large size. If the space of the engine compartment allows you to grab the filter key to Unscrew it shouldn't be difficult. Long handle wrench allows you to use it as a lever, which greatly simplifies the task.
Another handy tool which you can use to Unscrew the oil filter – leather belt. Put it on the body of the filter, tighten counterclockwise and pulling with a force of the belt, Unscrew the filter. If the belt slips, lay between him and the filter sandpaper.
If the removable key is not present, but all attempts proved to be fruitless, try the unsightly, but effective option. With a hammer and chisel, make a notch on the housing of the filter and fit the chisel. After that hammer to hit the chisel so that the "rip" filter.