But this happens rarely. We all know that many students plan to take the exam, not attending lectures the entire semester, basically I hope to learn everything at the last moment. But, as usual, time for all at once is not enough, and part of the material, one way or another, passes by the student. But how to pass the exam if you don't know anything? The first thing to remember is that no one teacher would not be pleased if the student would prefer to remain silent in the exam. If the student is silent and looks at the teacher the evil eye, this behavior only causes irritation and bewilderment. The silent student is always a problem in the first place for the examiner, so the desire to put "unsatisfactory" and to remove the issue from the agenda. So, even if You are not familiar with the topic, try not to be silent – you need to talk, mentioning at least something relevant to the subject under discussion.

Usually the teacher ready to listen to any answer to get at least some rational. In addition, a lot depends on what attitude the student will be able to call itself on the exam. Any teacher is first and foremost human, capable of experiencing the whole range of emotions. Therefore, knowing the pain points of the teacher and build your response so that these points to avoid, it is realistic to pass the exam if you don't know anything. Sometimes it is enough just to remove the overconfidence or to correct its appearance. Another problem is the fear of public speaking. The man who isn't confident because of poor knowledge of the material, additionally, it may get lost, because he will have to speak publicly. In this case it is not necessary to take a sedative – it dulls the thought processes and reduces the rate of reaction. It is better to abstract from the situation and do some simple breathing exercises.