Advice 1: How to pass the exam, if you don't know anything

The main cause of failures on exams is usually the lack of knowledge. Of course, in an ideal situation, the examinee must know all the material, be confident, have the ability to clearly Express their thoughts and not be timid in front of the examiner.

But this happens rarely. We all know that many students plan to take the exam, not attending lectures the entire semester, basically I hope to learn everything at the last moment. But, as usual, time for all at once is not enough, and part of the material, one way or another, passes by the student. But how to pass the exam if you don't know anything? The first thing to remember is that no one teacher would not be pleased if the student would prefer to remain silent in the exam. If the student is silent and looks at the teacher the evil eye, this behavior only causes irritation and bewilderment. The silent student is always a problem in the first place for the examiner, so the desire to put "unsatisfactory" and to remove the issue from the agenda. So, even if You are not familiar with the topic, try not to be silent – you need to talk, mentioning at least something relevant to the subject under discussion.

Usually the teacher ready to listen to any answer to get at least some rational. In addition, a lot depends on what attitude the student will be able to call itself on the exam. Any teacher is first and foremost human, capable of experiencing the whole range of emotions. Therefore, knowing the pain points of the teacher and build your response so that these points to avoid, it is realistic to pass the exam if you don't know anything. Sometimes it is enough just to remove the overconfidence or to correct its appearance. Another problem is the fear of public speaking. The man who isn't confident because of poor knowledge of the material, additionally, it may get lost, because he will have to speak publicly. In this case it is not necessary to take a sedative – it dulls the thought processes and reduces the rate of reaction. It is better to abstract from the situation and do some simple breathing exercises.


Advice 2 : How to pass session if you know nothing

From session to session, students live fun - it is an axiom. Many all "hanging" until the last: and tails, and debts, and - worst of all - untouched by the knowledge of the head. We have to plant this virgin soil the seeds of knowledge in the last days before a competition or exam or something to get out, not always by honest means.
How to pass session if you know nothing
To begin with, that to pass sessionif you do not know absolutely nothing, is impossible. Even if the mind has no knowledge of the subject as such, some elementary skills of the student must be present. If you don't know absolutely nothing surprising at all that you learn in University. However, if you are interested in the question of how to deal with a session when the head is empty, then for you it is probably the first session, otherwise all these issues would disappear by themselves.
So, first you need to learn to write. It is a science. To cheat with cheat sheets, can be directly from the textbook, can be notebooks, where lectures are recorded, from a friend, the teacher from the piece of paper where written answers. The presence or absence of these features will depend upon the specific situation, but if learning is not at all reluctant, it is best to start practicing from the beginning of the school year or already at school. It is very important practice. You have to overcome fear. Carries only the brave. But no matter how you were brave and fearless, remember: easier to write from their own brains.
Unable to prepare "bombs" all the exam papers. The bomb works like this: you pull a ticket and when you start to prepare, just get a piece of paper with pre-written answer. Here, however, can occur purely technical problem: where to hide this sheaf of paper, if you have, for example, issues fifty or sixty? And then quietly pull, very crisp, and (God forbid) crispy leaf? Therefore, to resort to this method without fear, you need to develop the dexterity of hands and raise a lot of chutzpah.
Now nobody will be surprised by the earpieces and touch phones. For headphones your best friend will always be happy to dictate a response to a random question. The advantage of touchscreen phones is that there is no need to press buttons that often make characteristic and quite unmistakable sound. But if you decide to use such spy gadgets to have a skill that can be described as: the ability not "to be scorched". Many people can not be without, not to drop on the Desk, the earphone and loud to Express my surprise about this, or will forget to put on silent mode your fancy phone.
As you can see, to pass sessionif you do not know nothing is impossible. You need to show all their skill, ingenuity and knowledge of the basic techniques of conspiracy. So before to be perverted and invent a roundabout way, consider this: isn't it easier to start on time and not to bring up the fact that on the eve of session you have in mind, as in the desert, the wind and no hint of a solid education?

Advice 3 : How to pass the exam in five

Delivery of exam is always accompanied by stress. Excessive nervousness can negate all the efforts to prepare for this important event. For success does not necessarily know the subject thoroughly.
How to pass the exam in five
You will need
  • - classic clothing;
  • - Breakfast;
  • - Cribs for personal use.
No exam preparation is not enough. However, if you don't have time for a full practicing of all tickets handed master the subject in accelerated mode. In any case, don't just memorize the material: reading the response to the ticket, make a kind of cheat sheet for personal use. It should contain a few key thoughts and definitely at least one vivid example. The dry material with unfamiliar terms easy to remember. As a practical example, not only quickly come to mind, but also help to recall the theoretical basis.
Don't make the common mistake of all students who leave preparation to the last day. Confusion in the head secured, because your brain is unlikely to be able to quickly process the enormous amount of information. Ideal - gradual mastery of the subject during the semester and organized repetition for a few day before the exam.
The day before the exam get plenty of sleep, and the morning is to be held in a peaceful atmosphere. Lack of energy can provoke unnecessary anxiety and nerves will not stand at the crucial moment. Eat a light Breakfast, drink coffee and go to school. Try not to be in the queue for a long time: the General nervous atmosphere may affect you not the best way.
While answering be confident, articulate their thoughts, speak correctly and clearly. In no case do not show that you don't know the topic. Try to make the answer interesting: it is at once will increase your chances of success. The teacher hears dozens of similar answers, so new insights and a variety of practical examples will be interested in it. The can help your General knowledge. Usually if a student understands a whole object has its own position and thinks outside the box, a great score is guaranteed even with small defects in the response.
Do not worry if pulled unlearned ticket. Take place to train, calm down and focus. If you were preparing to object, you can construct the answer themselves. Try to remember that I ever heard on this issue. Listen to the answers the dealer colleagues: often students get related tickets, and you can remember something on your topic.
Use Cribs only in case, if you know how to do it flawlessly. As a rule, experienced teachers can see perfectly your maneuvers. Don't risk your own reputation.
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Dress for the exam restrained, but not too solemnly. Too careless or outright appearance can annoy the teacher. In
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