You will need
  • - Imitation leather;
  • - plastic panels;
  • - laminate;
  • - MDF panels.
Replace your old door trim on the upholstery, leather, laminate, plastic panels or MDF panels.The most expensive, but durable way to put on the door of the facade of MDF. The cost of this upgrade will be approximately eight to ten thousand. MDF is recycled wood, impregnated with antifungal and moisture barrier means. To serve this padding will be very long, provided that the door would not be exposed to weathering, and it looks presentable. Another plus is that it is very environmental.Order the facade of MDF in the firm, engaged in repair and manufacture of doors.
The cheapest way to upgrade the appearance of the door is to upholster it with leatherette (vinyl leather). Huge variety of this material greatly simplifies the selection, you can choose artificial skin in accordance with the interior corridor or room. Paintings in which you are going to upholster the door, provided on many sites on the door trim. They are also very diverse - choose those that are like or the ones which you think will be easier to implement.Buy viniliskozhu with a non-flammable impregnated and with insulation to muffle the sound of the door and not freeze. Please note that leather is easy to cut and scratch, so its service life is short.The door off its hinges and lay it horizontally. Piece viniliskozhi with a heater put on the door and nail decorative nails on the selected pattern.
Fairly simple and cheap way to update the entrance door - sheathing it with plastic panels. They varied in color and texture. Panel is easy to wash, they are sufficiently heat-resistant. Choose laminated panels for covering the front door, so as to achieve long service life and durability.There is a special plastic for the front doors - postforming, this will be the best option to upgrade your door. Another advantage of plastic is its resistance to the claws of animals. Plastic panels better to mount the brackets with the help of furniture or construction staples.
Laminate can be simply glued to the door - it is easy to do it yourself. The laminate has virtually no drawbacks - it is easy to clean, does not scratch, heat resistant, perfectly imitates the surface of wood. If your interior more suitable imitation tile or stone tiles, that is, the laminate and with the same pattern and texture.
Finally, update the door using the decorative elements. If your upholstery with leatherette cut the tab on her diamonds, circles and other shapes cut from different pieces of viniliskozhi. Can be laminated to stick on the door plastic or wooden elements, which in a large assortment sold in stores.