You will need
  • Beams;
  • panel;
  • - foam;
  • tools.
Find out the dimensions of my door. Measure its height and width. The inner side of the iron doors have corners. They serve to strengthen the construction, giving it additional rigidity. The width of the corners is the depth of the door, it too should be included in the measurements (this size need to be guided in the purchase of timber and foam). The distance between the upper and the lower area is the height of the inside of the door, and the space from the right corner to the left – wide. Write down the measurements and use them to calculate the amount of materials you need in order to sheathe the iron door.
Select door trim. Outside best fit door linings MDF, with several standard sizes. With this trim your door will look like its expensive counterparts. For interior design you should prefer wall panels. Material panels to choose to match your interior environment in which is operated the door. Panels made of MDF well mimic different types of wood, but require careful treatment. Plastic panels are more practical (they can be washed), but inferior in appearance.
Visit the shop of building materials. Get everything you need with a small margin (timber / panel / decorative corner / foam).
To saw the timber into four segments, the length of which is equal to the width of the inner part of the door (from the right to the left of the area). Put the bar to the top of the door, and with a pencil draw a line on it on the door. Do the same at the bottom. The two remaining bar place so that between each of the four bars was about the same distance, and make the necessary marks.
Drill in door sixteen holes (four on the bar). Their diameter should match the diameter of the screws. Fasten the bars on the door – frame for door trim panel is ready. Next, you will need to drill holes for mounting the door panel. Number of holes for drilling specified in the installation instructions of the panel, or are on their own. Drill out the panel holes for the lock and peephole. With the help of a partner, install the panel, optionally removing the door from its hinges.
Cut the foam into pieces of desired size. In the middle chunk cut out for the lock. Insert the foam into a recess obtained between the bars. If necessary, secure it there with glue.
Adjust panel height door. Cut off excess electric jigsaw or a hacksaw with fine teeth. One of the panels will probably have to trim the width. Using Claymore (MDF panels) or stapler (for PVC panels) panel your door. Complete the finish, gluing the door perimeter of the decorative area, it will close the edges of the panels.