The main reasons for the occurrence of moisture on the front door

The first cause condensation on the door is based on high humidity, when the rate exceeds 55%. Then the condensation happens on the surface, where the temperature is slightly below the "dew point". In winter, this surface is the front door.

It is important to stick to indoors for the health of occupants air humidity about 45%. The humidity of the internal climate affects both ventilation fixtures, and the temperature of the warmed air in the room.

The second reason for the condensation is hiding in low insulation - to a large quantity of condensate is more likely a metal door due to poor seal between the canvas and metal frame. In a typical embodiment, is not enough exhaust air for the purpose, that out of the pair, but it is enough for deposition onto the surface.

A kind of "cold bridges" with a high rate of heat conduction at the front door focused on the doorknob, peephole, pretending to be part of. Vulnerable to the freezing point especially concerned with doors of metal, in which heat is increased.

The increased humidity in the room connected with supply and exhaust ventilation in the room

Furnished housing plastic Windows and protivopozarnyi doors of metal, not always pay due attention to ventilation. Incorrectly fitted system or a complete lack of ventilation in the room increases the rate of humidity inside.

Need to think about the flow of air is not particularly the case, because the old door made of wood was able to provide natural ventilation, letting the outside dry air. To a number of negative consequences, and condensation can lead humidity of 65%.

How to troubleshoot condensation on the front door

The way to get rid of condensation is to ensure the flow of dry fresh air from outside and exhaust fumes from enclosed spaces. Is possible to install a "warm curtain", which will warm the door the warmed air. Increase the surface temperature of the door leaf and moves the dew point.

Insulation of the door will not eradicate the problem of condensation. Condensing the moisture settles because of the large temperature difference from outside and inside. Recommended in this embodiment to arrange for the entrance of unheated vestibule.

No excess above the entrance will be the equipment of the visor, protects the door from direct effects of sunlight and precipitation. Painting metal entrance doors is recommended to open a special powder polymers. All items in hollow metal doors is better to fill with foam in order to eliminate the symptoms of cold bridges.