Multiply the measured in Giga-calorie value by a factor equal to 1,163 to transfer thermal power in megawatts.
Use an online unit converters as the fastest method of conversion gigacalories per megawatts. For example, go to the page the "calories per hour", placed in the section "CGS and non-si units", enter the measured in Gcal value and click "Calculate" or simply press the tab key. The value entered is the value in megawatts can be seen and, if necessary, and copy in the "MW" posted above - in the section "international system of units (SI)".
There are less simple method of recalculation of the gigacalories to megawatt to use any online calculator. For example, you can use the computers embedded in Google search engine or Nigma. Going to the website of the chosen search engine, enter the desired mathematical operation in the search query box. For example, if you need to translate to megawatts value of 2.47 Giga-calorie, the search query should be formulated as follows: "2,47*1,163". After entering a query in the Google search engine to click send it to the server is not required, and when using solver Nigma necessary.
Use the built-in Windows calculator in the absence of Internet access. It can be run by opening the main menu by clicking the start button, selecting Run, then typing calc and clicking the "OK" button. User interface duplicates the standard buttons of an ordinary calculator and input the known values in Gcal and multiplying it by the number 1,163 should not cause any difficulty.