You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - notarized copy of certificate of state registration of subject of entrepreneurial activity;
  • - passport pharmacy warehouse;
  • - lease agreement or documents confirming the ownership of the premises;
  • - constituent documents of the organization.
Trade of pharmaceutical drugs without a license is impossible. Decide what you want to create: a pharmacy, a pharmacy or a pharmacy? In the pharmacy, some pharmaceuticals are produced on site. Pharmacy involves only the sale of prescription drugs without a prescription, pharmacy same kiosk can offer to implement only the finished drugs sold without a doctor's prescription and personal hygiene items. Depending on the type of organization you will get a different license.
One of the main requirements when licensing is brought to the room. It can be rented or owned, to occupy not less than 18 sq. m., if a pharmacy is located on-site preventive and curative, that can occupy 8 sq. m.) located in a capital building. Required sales area, storage for drugs, receiving and unpacking, if necessary – room for the manufacture of drugs, a bathroom and a staff room. The room should be equipped with furniture, refrigerators, the mandatory cash register. The room should be investigated by the Commission of Rospotrebnadzor.
Special requirements are applied to personnel: all employees must be health books, special education and qualifications. The specialists (pharmacists) must have at least 3 years of experience.
Narcotic, poisonous, narcotic drugs should be stored separately. Must be preparations for first aid.
Normative-technical and normative-legal documentation must comply with the standards.
To apply for a license, you except the actual application, you will need: notarized copies of certificate of state registration of subject of entrepreneurial activity passport pharmacy warehouse, lease of premises or documents confirming ownership of the premises, the constituent documents of the organization.