First and foremost, you must determine the location of open pharmacies. The most profitable are the places where people gather, e.g., shopping malls, subway exit, etc. the high cost of rent here pay off big in sales. On the other hand, opening a pharmacy on the outskirts of the city, you can save on rent, but the flow of customers in this case will be lower.
Pharmacy business must be licensed. The process of obtaining regulatory approvals could be delayed up to six months, as provides for continuous operation of the various services (fire, sanitary, etc.).
The specificity of traded goods requires the presence of highly qualified personnel. In the first place is the pharmacist, which not only performs the functions of the seller, but also advises buyers to purchase a particular drug.
Like any outlet, a pharmacy must be appropriately equipped. To the pharmacy I need to purchase a cash register, computer, refrigerators, shelves and showcases, in General, all that is inherent in the normal store.
Finally, the success of this type of business is a wide range of products that meet the demand of large number buyers. In addition, the customer should always have an alternative for any drug. The range of goods may be extended with devices for diagnostics and other medical products.