First read the law On noncommercial organizations№7-FZ of 12 January 1996) and Ministry of Finance Order "On requirements to planthe financial and economic activities of the state (municipal) institutions" (№81н of 28 July 2010). In these regulations specify who and how should make the plan financially-economic activities.
Please note that the local authorities may provide guidance to companies on what kind of layout you need to Plan. While companies may detail the proposed scheme.
In terms describe the company and the industry to which it belongs. Describe the goals of activities of your institution (as defined in the Charter), the main type of activities, as well as all the goods (services, works) that your institution produces (renders). Specify the organizational structure of the enterprise.
Then describe the financial condition of the company. Please note, details of the assets (both financial and non-financial) specify the last reporting date, which precedes the drafting of the Plan.
Include in the Plan the expenses that you planirule. The cost spread for each type of activity. Specify the sources of repayment for these costs. Please note, depending on the planasuamah costs will form the indicators on payments and receipts.
Please note that the plantype the volume of payments will be formed taking into account the regulatory costs for the maintenance of municipal enterprises and services of these enterprises. As a rule, these norms establish the local authorities.
Don't forget to adopt your financial and economic plan. This Plan should be signed not only by the head of the institution, and other responsible persons: chief accountant, head of financial-economic service and the contractor. Further, the plan approved by the founder of the municipal enterprise or the head of an Autonomous institution.
Take the Plan very seriously, because it depend on state subsidies, and therefore financial well-being of your institution.