Analyze the situation on the market. Decreases the demand for your proposed products, has not been an increase in the number of competitors how easy you completed last year's plan. Make a new one with those changes.
Think about how much you can earn, attracting new customers. Count the income that you can bring regular customers. Calculations of the lead in units and in money terms at the same time. Then it will be clear how many contracts will provide for the required volume of sales.
Analyze what percentage of the sales volume you bring in regular customers. What product they often buy, and how often. To make an emphasis on the best-selling product. It will be the main in the preparation of sales plan for new customers. If the sales volume for each product varies greatly, plan sales for each.
For new customers calculate the cost of your first purchase. Plan how many new contracts you can make. Here the important role play personal plans for sales managers. For example, the sales Manager believes that the necessary number of contacts with the customer for a positive response on collaboration – three. Such 60%. Other will have to meet more times. Divide the number of contacts of the Manager on the number of working days, count how many meetings in a month he can spend and actually plan the approximate volume of sales in new customers. Important role in the development of a personal sales plan for the Manager to play his personal qualities and interest as a result.
Form a budget of the cost of sales. Calculate how much you spend on advertising, and presentations. Include award to employees, payment for supplies and means of communication. You may want to increase some of those investments.