You will need
  • - special Lotto;
  • - Apple and candy;
  • circle of cardboard, consisting of several parts;
  • - chalky.
Try to interest the child. On the walk, play a special classics. If in normal you have to jump tired, and the expense of child well-mastered, try this option. Draw hopscotch with chalk on the pavement as shown in the picture and explain to your child that you can jump so: 1 - 2 - 3... and 1 - 1,5 - 2 - 2,5 ... the Kids love to play and so they better understand what between the numbers, there are intermediate values. Is your first and solid step towards the study of rational numbers. A great visual aid.
Take the whole Apple and offer it simultaneously to two children. They immediately will tell you that this is impossible. Then cut the Apple and invite them again. Now everything is in order. everyone got the same half of the Apple. This is part of one whole.
Invite the child to share four candy with you in half. It is easy to do. Then get another one and offer to do the same. It is clear that a candy can't get from you and the child. You can find a way, cutting the candy in half. Then everyone has to turn out two candies and one half.
For older children, use split circle. Divide it by 2, 4, 6 or 8 parts. We invite children to take the circle. Then divide it into two halves. Of the two halves will perfectly round, even if you share half with a neighbor on the Desk (the circles should be of the same diameter). Loan divide each half hedgehog half. It turns out that the circle can consist of 4 parts. And each half turns of the two halves. Then on the Board write it in the form of a fraction. Explaining what the numerator (how many pieces picked up) and the denominator (how many parts just divided). So the children easier to learn a difficult concept - a fraction.