Record the source expression. All fractions with integer part lead to the wrong kind. To do this, multiply the integer part of the fraction to its denominator. To the result add the numerator - the resulting value will be the new numerator of the improper fraction. Further, all operations follow this form of fraction.
When you add or subtract fractions, find their common denominator. In the General case, the common denominator is the product of all denominators solve fractions. Multiply the numerator of each fraction by the denominator of the other fraction. If the operation is performed over more than two fractions, the numerators must be multiplied by the product of the denominators of the other fractions.
Write down the resulting expression is a fraction where the denominator is just found a common denominator. Calculate the numerator of the resulting fraction. It is the result of operation (addition or subtraction) over all the given denominators solve fractions.
In order to perform the multiplication operation, in turn multiply the numerators and the denominators of the original fractions. The resulting works write the resulting fraction as the numerator and the denominator, respectively.
Before the operation of division write down the original fractions. Then perform the coup of the fractionyou are dividing. Then perform the multiplication of fractions, as described above. The result will be equal to the quotient of the given fractions.
Sometimes fractions are of the form "of the four" expressions. This means that the upper roll must be cut at the bottom. Write a division operation using the symbol ":" and perform the division of fractions similar to the above described.
Received the fractional result of any actions reduce to the maximum possible number. To reduce the divide both the numerator and denominator of the fraction to the same integer. The result of the division must also be an integer. The total value write down in response.