To obtain the rights necessary to pass the exam in the SAI, which is preceded by a driving instruction, classroom training and pre-test at the driving school where you trained. Remember that the preliminary training necessary for admission to the exams in the SAI.
Enroll in a driving school. Remember that it must have a license to driving instruction. Qualified instructors will teach practical skills to handle the car in various weather conditions. Equipped with the latest technology computer classes will help to prepare for the successful completion of the theoretical part of the exam in the SAI. After successful completion of the course in a driving school and passing the final test you will be issued an appropriate document stating that you have been trained. After that you should undergo a medical examination for fitness to drive a vehicle and receive a certificate of the established sample. After that, you have to take the exam in the traffic police.
Pass the exam in the SAI. After completing driving school, you will know that it consists of three parts. You will be asked to pass the theoretical part, which includes 20 questions in test mode. You may make no more than 2 errors. After successful completion of the theory you examine on the site. You will need to complete a three-point turn, to start to lift and to demonstrate parallel Parking. The next and final stage – movement in the city. You will need to pass a pre-defined inspector-examiner to a route, obeying traffic signs. In case of successful completion of all three types of tests you will be given a driver's rights.
Don't forget to prepare and submit in advance to the traffic police for a driver's license the following documents: certificate of successful completion of training, receipt for payment of fees, passport, medical certificate.