Before you buy Topaz for yourself or as a gift, find out what zodiac signs it is possible to wear. Usually Topaz is recommended to wear all people who were born under the sign of Scorpio. Yellow and Golden Topaz are well suited to Gemini. As yellow Topaz is good for Virgins and lions.
If you are a Taurus, then do not wear Topaz in any case, as this constellation is opposite Scorpius. And Topaz you can't carry Fish and Scales. Pisces and Taurus Topaz is not recommended to wear because these signs are focused on family values. Topaz can destroy their happiness in family life.
Find out information about all the properties of Topaz before you buy it. The Topaz stone has the properties of healing and magical. The healing qualities of his are in the possession of a projective energy Yang. Topaz protects people from cold, accelerate tissue healing, treat gall bladder, spleen, liver, and digestive organs. Help nervous exhaustion and insomnia, relieve stress.
First decide what color you want the stone, as the properties are also slightly different. Topaz blue purchase to improve the body's metabolic processes, rendering a therapeutic effect on the thyroid gland, normalize the emotional balance of human. So he has to be creative, contribute to the achievement of goals. But protects only reasonable and purposeful people.
And Golden Topaz choose for healing wounds, digestive tract, improve metabolism in the liver and in the gallbladder. If Topaz juicy and bright in color, it contributes to psychologists, psychics and detectives. Wear light Golden Topaz, to save you from passions, contributed to the serene enjoyment of life, distilled anger. Topaz brown-yellow, cures madness, gives enlightenment.
Choosing colorless Topaz, know that it contributes to the concentration of energy and will, has a strong impact on people, promoting divination and witchcraft. To cure nervous disorders, asthma and diseases of the throat, wearing a Topaz of any color, framed with silver.
Learn about the magical properties of Topaz. It has long been believed that if you put a Topaz into the drink and the drink will change color, then the drink is poisoned. The man who carries the Topaz, always optimistic and inwardly enlightened. Topaz brings the beauty to women and wisdom to men, helps to overcome fears and depression, attracts material prosperity.
Don't buy Topaz, if you're a family man, and if you are alone, but wish to find a mate, as this stone is used to destroy family relationships and implies idle way of life. Not suitable for long trips and travel.
Keep in mind that Topaz is very strong in his power stone. First, it protects against the effects of any kind of witchcraft, be it the evil eye or damage. Second, he can have an impact on people as it is one of the most important stones of black magicians.
Select which frame will be Topaz. This is very important, as it is impossible that the stone interacted with copper. The Topaz does not like to coexist with diamonds and rock crystal. Be prepared for the fact that in the process of wearing Topaz will get used to you and you to him. The Topaz can even change color a bit – it would mean that he was used to.
If you decide to buy a ring with Topaz, then decide what finger to wear Topaz. It also has a certain value, so that the fingers catch and transmit energy. Usually Topaz is worn on the little finger. It helps to establish social contacts. You can wear this stone of pink hues and on the ring finger, responsible for heart and love relationship.
Follow our recommendations before purchasing this gem to share with you only his positive qualities and make you lucky.