You will need
  • - plaster,
  • - putty
  • - trowel,
  • - bricks
  • - ceramic,
  • - the roller,
  • - paint,
  • - wrought iron frame.
How you can decorate bake your own? In General, it is first necessary to understand what you want to see in front of you. You can arrange the same type of tone or you like the drawings. But, anyway, there are a number of measures that must be taken before the actual decor.If your furnace is in poor condition, you need to clean off the old veneer (putty) until stone or brick (what from whom).
You can re-clean the surface again plastered. Then to whitewash the new. If you want to repaint to any color latex paint. It is a classic of the genre. Will be all clean and neatly done. This budget, for the average Russian citizen.
If you can afford a more expensive decoration, in this case suitable oven liner tiles tiles. Their peculiarity is that this tile goes through two stages of firing, that helps her for a long time to keep warm and to keep up with the surface at high temperatures. Moreover, the patterns themselves can choose at their discretion. They can be of different colors and shades. Most Russian stove to match the blue and red colors. Alternatively, after Stripping the old surface, you can surround the stove with decorative brick. Brick is a durable material that will help you keep warm and comfort. He looks no worse and may last much longer.For fans to invest in finishing your interior is quite a lot of funds, suitable finishes with marble and building ceramics. All these materials keep the temperature perfectly and looks amazing compared to the usual putty. In the decor of your furnace can also be useful forged metal frame with elements of artistic forging. This method is very reliable, because the metal will last longer than regular material. And, of course, it is also beautiful and durable. For example, it can last much longer than regular tile glue, which is often behind the excessive heat. In General, choose the option that is closest to you like and one that will last longer than the others. It all depends on your preferences and possibilities.