First you need to prepare the furnace for laying tiles. Clean it completely of clay, old paint, grout and all, that may interfere with the smooth tiling. Cleaned up to clean brick. Great attention to the seams. They have to be cleared to a depth of 1 cm. Professional builders clean oven with a metal brush or grinder with a special attachment. Often problems arise with the removal of old paint. In this case, make a small notch across the surface of the furnace. The depth of the notches should be about 3 millimeters. To finish preparing the furnace for installation, be by wiping the surface with a damp sponge.
Then on the stove secure the masonry grid which has a cell size of 50x50 and a diameter of 0.5-1 mm. For this purpose you can use metal anchors. Will also fit normal screws. They need to be screwed into pre-drilled pobeditovym a drill hole. Quite often the master, attach the mesh on the mortgaged joints with pieces of wire. They must be placed at a distance of about 15 centimeters.
For laying tiles on the stove well suited normal or heat resistant tile adhesive. Among experts it is very popular to the mortar SCANMIX "Skanfixsuper". It is specifically designed for the lining of furnaces ceramic tiles. Available in the form of a dry mix. Best in the mortar add table salt, in the proportion of 1 kg of salt to 1 bucket of glue. This is done to hold in the adhesive solution of water. The salt will prevent its evaporation, and the mortar will normally come into effect.
Laying ceramic tile should only be carried out on a heated to the maximum temperature of the oven. This temperature must be maintained all the time styling. Lay tile best to the bottom. The joints were the same, you can use the crosses. Every few rows you should check the vertical walls. You should immediately re-set if necessary, because then it will be impossible to do.