You will need
  • Car shampoo, fine abrasive and polishing pastes, tinting wax crayon, a napkin for rubbing, and auto-dash or auto-marker or the set for touch-up chips, consisting of paint and lacquer, toothpick (match), adhesive tape or masking tape, sandpaper No. 2000, solvent, rust Converter.
Correctly choose the color of paint and grease pencil to repair. This is extremely important for local car repairs. If the chip long, treat it with rust Converter. Thoroughly wash damaged area with car shampoo. Otherwise you'll have to degrease this place, for example, benzine, white spirit or vodka. Dry the surface.
If the damage is only chipped paint, and the primer has not disappeared, put on a chip abrasive polishing paste. Wait 5-10 minutes and power trowel the area. It will zapolirovat. Then treat the injury fine polishing paste. The chip will be invisible. In this way you can efficiently align height and color of even a fairly large scratches.
If the paintwork is damaged along with the primer to the metal or repulsed plot wide before polishing gently apply to the location of the chip a bit of paint in the color of the car. Allow paint to dry. Next, apply the damage to the polishing with abrasive paste. Dry it for 5-10 minutes, then RUB and Polish it with fine polishing paste.
Use to conceal chips, wax crayon. Paint over cracked paint, remove with a tissue excess wax and Polish the location of the chip until smooth. Durability of such treatment is low. Probably going to have to repeat.
Remove the damage using the set for touch-up chips. In order not to smear the excess around the pre-paste over the damaged area around the perimeter of the adhesive tape or masking tape. Use this kind of protection after the repair can easily be removed from the surface of the car. Tint in two or three layers. Coat of paint make fine. Let dry and paint again. If just does not work smoothly and beautifully, or left stains, remove excess paint by blotting it with a cloth soaked in solvent. Dry the paint. Cover the top layer of varnish. If the chip is small, apply a drop of paint on the toothpick or sharpened match. In an hour – a drop of varnish. 3-7 days protruding nail Polish with emery paper # 2000, then abrasive and fine polishing pastes.