Each dance begins with the invitation. The name of your favourite girl just ask not necessarily. Because the music in the clubs is usually loud, to hear something it can be difficult even in calm music. But it's a good excuse to lean closer to the girl's face and referring the noise to ask where she works, learns, as often goes to night clubs, where interested and so on. Of course, all this is to ask immediately is not necessary, otherwise it will not dance, and questioning. Remember that you have less than 5 minutes to learn your partner and to earn her heart.
Half a minute after the dance start the argument about how long ago did you first danced to this tune. Of course the song that you are dancing, must be an old hit. Tell us what you danced on a decent distance, but now you are not interested. If the girl at this point more relaxed, you will be easy to fight it. So as to lead the man needs to learn some moves beforehand. However, a slow dance is an expression of emotions, feelings, and the exact schema in advance.
Turn the girl a couple of times. How you do it, will depend not only on your experience but on the degree of intoxication, mood, freedom and your partner.
Then start to move slowly, the slower you move, the more it will be to get a girlfriend. Connect the movement of her hips. Left-right, eight. At this time, "explore" her body weightless touches.
When the music is over, you both some time will come back from the world of sensations. Don't have to stay with a girl after dancing for closer communication. Sneak away for a few minutes. If you did everything correctly, the girl look will be waiting for your return.