You will need
  • - subscription to the school dance,
  • - computer with Internet access.
Sign up for dancing classes. Of course, for the disco you don't need such as the waltz or Rumba. But modern dance is also very much, and schools that offer to study them, abound. Find a good coach in modern dance and begin to walk to class. Perhaps the dance school will be not just the starting point for dancing at the disco, and something more. Because sometimes it happens that you do not know about any of their abilities until you try.
Try to learn to dance yourself if lessons don't work for you for any reason. The web is full of tutorial videos for newbies in dancing. Look for them on specialized forums, social networks or simply via a search engine. However, if you decide to do it yourself, you will need to train will power. If in the dance hall, the coach will monitor the regularity of your workouts, at home no one but you will not force you to do. So if you set a goal - do not give up on her.
Find your own style. You don't even have to learn professional dancing. After all, disco is not an international competition. Her dance for fun, your task is to learn to relax and dance the way you want. Although, of course, dancing classes will add you plastics, and flexibility that will be useful too.
Try not to pay attention to others, don't try to imitate someone else's movements. It may look ridiculous and not too nice. Less control your movement. If you scroll through the head, where the next moment to put the foot and how to raise your hand, the dance will look unnatural. Understand that every person on the dance floor like you thinks of their little movements and looks at the other as himself. So don't think that they're all looking at you feel free.
Do not deny young people that invite you to slow dance. Dance no obligation, remember that. But remember to keep your distance. Don't have to dance with a partner at arm's length, but too snuggle up to a unfamiliar person and not worth it. Don't be a girl available, it was appreciated at all times and appreciated until now. Of course, first and foremost, you came to the disco to relax and unwind. However, remember that the darkness of night and the colorful lights disappear in the morning.