Imagine a square. Here on this square during the training and will need to glide to the rhythm of the waltz. Later, when it will learn the main principles of dance, you will dance, and at the initial stage, try to move the square.
The basic step of the waltz – addl. It is simple to implement: one-two-three, one-two-three. Times – right foot step forward, two steps left foot and puts in place a three – back right leg – on the spot. When reversing, the left leg, two puts are right on the spot. Three left on the spot . The more you repeat these movements, the better it will get. Remember: only the first step – large, second and third – a small, barely perceptible.
All movements of the waltz are executed smoothly, sliding steps, light at the end rise on toes and down again. In the beginning the knees slightly bent, then there is a slight straightening.
How to learn to waltz
When moving back left leg we need to get accurate movement.

First, slide the ball of the foot, next to toe, again with the pad on all foot.
The movement in dance is counterclockwise, begins with the right foot forward and ends with a left – back.
The man puts in the dance left hand on the ladies waist, takes her right hand. Beautiful girl puts a hand on the shoulder of men. Hands should be light, bent, not tense. Be sure to keep his back straight and smile.
Exercising every day, you can easily master the art of the waltz and will surprise your friends and guests on the holiday, performing this wonderful dance.