You will need
  • - A computer drawing program (e.g. Fontographer)
To create a personal monogram using a decorative font and additional elements in the form of patterns, run the computer program Fontographer. Click on the "Create new font", click on it. In the opened window specify the name for the new font, e.g. the Font for the Monogram.
On the toolbar, from the font list, select the font you created in the previous step.
Copy and transfer the contours of the image is decorative font which will be used as the basis of your monogram, the window with the contours for the new font.
Create a composition you are creating a monogram by moving the outline of the characters and additional elements.
Make the outlines of text interfere with each other. Then combine them in a single layer.
If necessary, edit the outline of the monogram to produce the desired result. Remember that monogram needs to be not only unique, but also not too convoluted. The basis of the beauty of the monogram in harmony patterns.
Save you created this font by using the tabs "save..." as "the Typeface for the monogram. Create a new font file and place it into the folder where are stored all fonts for the program.
Restart the program, and then in the tab font will appear, you created the font for the monogram. Now you can use it for further design monograms.