You will need
  • A sheet of paper
  • Paint
  • Brush
  • A simple pencil
  • A picture of the crown
Crowns are different. But the semi-circular crown, which is often depicted on coats of arms, hardly will interest your kid. It is therefore necessary to learn how to draw a crown teeth. Even better if each clove will be decorated with round precious stone.
If you have never painted before to paint, practice on a pencil. Draw first the head, because the crown must be on something worn. Head, even the king is simply a circle. Draw the face and hair.
Consider the crown. It is a part of washer with teeth. Mark it with a pencil. Mark the points, which are found within the cloves. They are located approximately in the middle of the crown. The precision here is not required but try to keep the cloves came out of the same length. Draw them with a pencil.
Dilute yellow gold gouache or watercolour paint. Paint the whole crown. Try not to go over the line. Trace the crown on the circuits, you were drawing with a pencil. Do it confidently, to the hand shaking.
Teeth crowns can decorate, draw on each small circle. You can do the same paint that you painted the whole crown, and can be drawn and colored gemstones. Draw the rubies and emeralds. To make them look shiny, make them a glare of white paint. Precious stones may come and Shine. The stones can be of different shapes, but try to convey their crystalline structure, making some faces are lighter, others darker.
Try to draw different types of crowns. For example, bezel with teeth of different shapes. First draw the rim. Please note that the lower line of the crown on any figure — concave. So paint it because it represents a ring, and the ring in the future, and so it seems. But if the crown is small, we can draw at the bottom and a straight line.