To begin, select a figure, character or object that you want logo is can be like a letter you then stylesuite and some animal, and any other subject. To make any object similar to the logo, transforming it into a graphic contour drawing.
To start, take the original image on the basis of which you will do the logo, and load it into a new Illustrator document as a template. To do this, click the File menu section of the Place, click on the Image Name and then Check the Template box. Your image will move to a new layer, closed against changes whose transparency is set to 50%.
Create a new layer and rename it by double-clicking. On the created layer using the pen tool (Pen), gently draw the object on the template layer. Repeat the curves of the contours of the pen, adjusting the resulting silhouette nodes, directing vectors manually where they went incorrect.
On this layer need to trace the main contour of the object without affecting any additional details. For details, create another layer and give it a different name. Circle the fragments of the picture, attached to the main silhouette that you circled in the previous layer.
Now paint all the objects with black color using the fill tool. This will help you more clearly see the contours of the figure. Using Direct Select, adjust more finely the line image, remove excess and add small details, if required. Not to accidentally change the lower layers, lock them at the time editing of the active layer.
Create a new layer with a new name for drawing clippings. Again draw the pen all the contours and silhouettes of shapes, just as you did on the previous layers, but use a color other than black and white.
Then apply to the shape a white fill. Modify the logo – he has already acquired black-and-white graphic look, and all you have to do the contours and silhouette of the logo more elegant and elegant, drawing the details and place the logo next to the name of the company to see how well they go together.