A single form of the checkand not exist, but there are common form of this document, which is used by most sellers. The organization has the right to approve the form of a check, but it is necessary to comply with a provision of the Federal law of 21.11.1996 No. 129-FZ on accounting.
In the preparation of the commodity forms checkand observe the obligatory presence of the following items: the name of the document in the center of the sheet should be written "Commodity receipt" in large letters; the number of the document (put in order); the date of issuance if a checkyou have applied the cash receipt, the date should be the same.
Specify the name of the organization in printed or written form. Better to just make a stamp in the upper right corner. For commercial a checks individual entrepreneurs: name, INN and OGRN.
When you purchase in a blank commodity checkand fits the name of the purchased goods and services; quantity; unit cost and the total amount. At the bottom of the document put the signature of the person issuing the check, the name and initials, and seal of the organization.
When filling out the description of the item is necessary to register separately each item, not allowed the generalization. For example, "Household goods" and separately: "nails", "bucket", "MOP", etc.
Federal law No. 162-FZ of 7 July 2009, changes were made to the law № 54-FZ, in particular businesses in the sale of goods was not allowed to use KKM, but it is necessary to issue at the request of the buyer the document confirming the purchase of goods from this seller. At the moment the commodity receipt is the document confirming the purchase of goods or services and cash. On the basis of it can be required for the protection of the rights of consumers in case of providing poor quality services or sale of goods of inadequate quality.