To increase the chin in several ways, but they all require a referral to a specialist. Decide how would you like to see your chin, listen to the opinion of a plastic surgeon, find out how to undergo surgery, what complications can arise, prepare for surgery, observing all recommendations of the doctor, hand over analyses.
Correction of the chin is possible in the case if the chin is necessary to increase only 0.5-1 centimeter. This method of correction is that the new contours of the chin are formed by own soft tissue from under podvodburstroy of the patient's bone. Fine needle into certain places, punctures are made of leather, after which the new contours of the chin recorded a special biological non-absorbable threads. The rehabilitation period is very short – a few hours, this method leaves no visible traces of tampering.
Less traumatic method of increasing chin – lipolifting. Its essence lies in the fact that the correction of the chin is performed using your own fat tissue taken from specific areas of the body. Your own fat tissue survives better. The effect of such surgery is rather persistent. However, the proportion of fat in the subsequent absorbed, while another part remains in the chin forever. The average swelling after the operation is complete in 2-3 weeks, the effect of lipolifting lasts 4-8 months.
Genioplasty is performed to change the outer contours of the chin and its size. This method involves cutting the bone, and fastening the cut with medical pins in a new place. Such a radical intervention on the bones quite traumatic, postoperative period requires more time, inpatient treatment and mandatory compliance with all the appointments and doctor's recommendations. Genioplasty is an alternative to chin augmentation with implants.
Implantation of synthetic materials involves a 3-4 cm incision of soft tissue in the oral cavity, through which the chin area and placed the implant. This type of operation allows you to hide the stitches. The method of implantation is fairly widespread. Swelling after such an operation is not expressed explicitly, it goes completely in a few months. The sutures are removed after an average of two weeks.