Go to a drug store and buy colorful scarves. In addition, pay attention to the trendy in this season stoles and scarves. Fine handkerchiefs, tie on the neck of a beautiful site. Wide muffler wrap around the throat, and the ends tuck under the free edge. Pick up this accessory to any outfit. It will distract attention and will partially hide the heavy lower part of the face.
Sweater with neck and turtleneck will perfectly mask the second chin. And blouses with a deep neckline will switch our attention to a very different part of the body. Most importantly, don't wear shirts and sweaters with a round neckline. They only accentuate the volume of the lower part of the face.
Pay attention to the jewelry. You will approach a massive long beads and chains. Note the decoration in the ethnic style of stone and wood. The larger the beads are, the better. These accessories visually stretches the entire silhouette and will draw attention from double chin. Long earrings also perfectly cope with this task.
In addition to clothing and jewelry to hide the second chin with makeup. Take a liquid Foundation 1-2 shades darker than what you use on your face. Apply it on the whole chinfrom the jaw to the neck. Thoroughly blend the line of transition from one color to another. Dark powder visually reduces the size of the lower face and hide the extra crease.
Select a hairstyle correctly. Kara and smooth styling only accentuate the second chin. You fit the haircut with ragged ends, and fairly short hair, where is the main volume falls to the level of the cheekbones. It will balance the upper and lower face, disguising the second chin.