Advice 1: How to draw spider-man

Spiderman is a very popular superhero, many want to learn to draw. This does not require any professional skills. Draw it using simple geometric shapes.

Consistently, follow the steps below to learn how to draw spider-man.

How to draw spider-man
To draw spider-man, first make a pencil sketch of the common features of the body. Start with drawing simple geometric shapes, indicating major body parts.
Figure and posture should be deliberately expressive. Even a static pose of a man-spider should be the limiting expressive and even somewhat theatrical. Although it usually draw in dynamic poses. They talk about his agility and reaction speed.
At this stage, try only to observe the proportions. So don't spend too long on some parts and wrong don't erase the lines, and only correct them with a pencil.
Now, check the proportions. Count how many ovals of the size of the head fits into a full-length figure. The figure should consist of approximately seven.
How to draw spider-man
Draw the costume and the muscles of Spiderman. The contours of the figures draw clear lines. So the figure will look more clear and voluminous. Paint the costume with rich colors in a planar style,that is, without pronounced shadows and glare.
Select the direction of illumination. Strengthen and deepen the shadows. Detail. Draw the musculature, the muscles need to be tense and expressive.
How to draw spider-man
When the figure of spider-man complete draw the background. The background should match. Draw skyscrapers high-rise buildings. Let the space around the figure.
Start with a light sketch. The planned building in the shape of simple geometric shapes. If you draw with pencil and markers, first make a light sketch in pencil. Check and adjust lines using the eraser. It is advisable to choose a softer types of eraser. Adjust until you achieve the desired result. When the outline of the background is done and you are confident in its decision, start painting. Useful before eyes have an example of a finished image. If you do not then you must imagine the end result.
How to draw spider-man
If the final result does not satisfy you. You want something to change. Use the graphical editor. Digitize image using scanner or camera. Open it in a graphics editor. Here you will be able to add contrast. You can align the color and tone of image of spider-man. In order to improve the silhouette or the outline of the image, it is better to use a digital tablet.
If you hateee to draw the pose of spider-man, ask a friend to pose for you. Make him a sketch. SHCs will form the basis of your pictures.
Is there an easy way to compare proportions. Hold the pencil at vienotai hand, zazhmurte one eye. Count how many ovals of the head is placed in the body.
How to draw spider-man

Advice 2 : How to draw comics spider-Man

The first comic about a Man-spider released in the mid-twentieth century. Since then, the story of Peter Parker was rewritten in different versions, appeared in films and computer games. You can make a contribution to this universe formed around superhero, is to draw your own comics about spider-Man.
How to draw comics spider-Man
Prepare an album in which you will draw the comic. This can be a finished block of thick paper or homemade. Make Notepad your hands, fold in half sheets of watercolor A4 and sew them, paving the stitch at the place of bend.
Write the story you want to illustrate. This is the text that you then reduce to the volume of individual replicas. You can come up with a continuation of the existing stories about spider-Man or to change it by rewriting any key point. In addition, it is possible to radically change the plot and introduce new characters.
Break the text into meaningful units. Each of them will be reflected in a separate picture. Draw sketches to blocks and see how clear a story with only images, no text.
Work on the song in "frames" of a comic book. For magazines about the adventures of Peter Parker's characteristic laconic and very dynamic composition. Within each of the images leave room for the "cloud" with a replica of the character or othertime in the lower part of the figure a rectangle in which is written the author's text.
Work on a style of drawing comics. Images of characters in "spider-Man" by building close to real human anatomy. However, they are somewhat hypertrophied, when you need to emphasize character traits or physical abilities, "powers". So, spider-Man traditionally depicted with exaggeratedly muscled. Therefore, for constructing his figures use the diagrams depicting the muscles of a person.
Transfer the outline to the album. Raschertite it into equal rectangles for each pattern. Can be placed on a single page one or more "frames." Paint the sketch uniform fills are pure and saturated, but not garish colors. For this suitable opaque paints – gouache or acrylic. The boundaries of different colors are usually clear. Smooth transitions create only when coloring the skin of the characters.
Useful advice
As a sample use real comics spider-Man (The amazing Spider-Man), you can find them on the Internet.
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