Please note that to get rid of sin is impossible, for it is inherent in human nature. Suck it up and give themselves to repentance.
Determine in accordance with the Church regulations, what is actually your sinful nature. Or if you are a person of secular – depending on philosophy you adhere to. Do not forget about to generally accepted moral norms.
Contact your priest and ask his advice as to what you should do to cleanse his soul from the consequences of sinful disturbances. In order that the priest gave you advice, it is not necessary to be a believer. But not to deal with militant Orthodox, ask your friends or loyal parishioners about the person that is sending the service.
Go to confession, but before this soak a three day strict fast to bodily in that Ordinance retreated before the spiritual. At the beginning of the day appointed for confession, read the Akathist to the most Holy Theotokos. In confession of your sin speak briefly, accurately, and concisely answer the questions of the priest, don't interrupt him. With great gratitude accept the absolution. Be sure to place candles before the icons of your Patron Saints.
Go through the exorcism of your soul, if necessary. After the ceremony come home and read three times before the icons "our father" and three times the prayer of your Patron Saint.
Use spiritual practices to strengthen your mental entities, but avoid contact with the sectarians. The leaders of the sects for the most part have goals, quite the opposite of yours.
Avoid those places and people that can cause you to have sinful thoughts. If possible, go on a pilgrimage or a journey.