The most effective way to change the ping increase or decrease the channel load of the access to the Internet. This can be done by changing the number of active connections and other operations that occupy a channel. So, in order to lower your ping, turn off the torrent client, stop the download of all files, close the web browser window. To enlarge, make the inverse operation.
Also on the ping affects the overall load on the processor. For programs running in the background or running concurrently with the game, spend a certain amount of system resources. And the load goes to the CPU and the RAM. Accordingly, in order to increase ping, run several programs simultaneously with the game. To reduce latency, disable all resource programs.
During boot of the operating system runs many different processes. Open task Manager and end those processes that do not need you in the future.
If the above methods do not solve the problem, change the delay value of the signal you can use the graphic settings of the game (if changing the graphics settings supported). If you set the highest requirements to the configuration, the computer may not cope with the assigned load (the most frequent cause is a weak graphics card). It will increase ping.
Reduce the graphics settings to minimum, and the ping is significantly reduced. If you decrease the graphics settings, the gameplay has become less comfortable, slightly increase the video configuration and rate changes. Repeat the operation several times and get the optimal solution.