You will need
    • Wasabi powder;
    • water;
    • soy sauce;
    • sugar;
    • rice vinegar.
Take a glass and pour a teaspoon of powder wasabi.
Add a little warm water. Many fans of Japanese food diluted the powder with cold water only, believing that adding warm water strips the seasoning its unique flavor. Stir quickly. Should be a thickish paste, resembling the consistency of clay.
Put a little soy sauce, as the pasta can taste add the rice vinegar and sugar. If you pour the powder in a spoon of rice vinegar, the pasta will turn out sharper. The addition of soy sauce significantly soften the taste of wasabi. To give the pasta more spice you can put the grated horseradish.
Stir the mixture very carefully. No lumps it should not be.
Tilt the glass on a plate, give wasabi to stand for 10 minutes: the mixture is a little dry, and its flavor and taste will become much brighter.
Place wasabi in a closed bowl and serve. Cooked this way the pasta can be served with fish, rice, vegetables, sushi.