From mild skin sagging (laxity) you can try to get rid of with exercise. Push-UPS, work with dumbbells or other special devices can restore muscle tone and partially tighten the skin. Training should be regularly and gradually increasing the load. Young skin is more elastic and easier restores vitality. With age, the sagging and sagging skin virtually irreversible. To get rid of them the usual non-surgical methods don't work.
In a complex with physical exercises additionally, special features are required for the body, making the skin more elastic and dense. Recommended rubbing, and bath oils that help the skin to get rid of the tuberosity and become more elastic. Contrast shower with cold water and also strengthen the skin. Massage improves circulation and may go some way to help skin regain tone. But to expect rapid and perfect result is not necessary.
In severe cases, consult a plastic surgeon for conducting brachioplasty. It is an operational method of correction. During the operation is removed (or simply cut) the excess sagging skin. Basically, the operation is assigned when a future period is not scheduled for further weight reduction. The incision is from the armpit and to the elbow on the inner side surface of the hands. Then excised all the excess fat and skin. After such an operation there are traces, although with time the scars become paler. The postoperative recovery period is relatively small. The stitches are removed after two weeks, a compression garment is worn for one month, and a half-two months is allowed physical activity and sports. From brachioplasty, there are a number of contraindications: cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and excessive sweating.