The process of biological aging starts at the age of 25 years. During this period, the reproduction of new cells, a little slower. With age the skin becomes thinner. In addition, the capillaries of the skin not sufficiently enriched with oxygen, blood circulates more slowly, there is a lack of moisture. The result of these phenomena is that the skin becomes dry, starts to grumeti, to SAG, wrinkles appear.

Sagging skin on the hands can also appear as a result of excessive sun exposure. It should be noted that UV rays provoke the appearance of free radicals. They, in turn, literally destroy the cells from within. Due to excessive sun exposure in the skin form the dead cells, so it begins to SAG and grobet.

Also cause sagging skin can be a lack of muscle activity. If the biceps are involved in most daily life, then triceps no. That is why his area and droops first.

And of course, if rapid weight loss can SAG the skin including the hands.

Useful tips

If you decided to get rid of the sagging skin on the hands, then prepare yourself for the fact that you regularly have a range of massage, sports and beauty treatments.

Systematically conduct a special hand massage. This will be a useful light tapping patting motion in this area. Remember: during the massage sagging skin in any case can not pull the skin.
Massage the skin will improve blood circulation, which will provide the production of collagen.

To force the skin again to upgrade, you must first remove the layer of keratinized dead cells. This will perfectly suit the peeling procedure. To spend it at home. Today in stores you can find special cosmetics that will help you do the peeling yourself. After this procedure your skin will become much softer.
After peeling the skin be sure to moisturize with cream. If in the finished cosmetic product, you will add a small amount of Shilajit, it will provide enrichment of cells with minerals and vitamins.

Tighten up the sagging skin in the area of the triceps and biceps can also use special exercises. To fulfill them it 2-3 times a week. For example, it tightens the skin exercise with dumbbells. To run it stand up straight. In hands take dumbbells weighing 2 kg. Alternately lift them up, stopping at the end point for 3-5 seconds. Exercise should be performed within 7-10 minutes.