To determine the authenticity of a diamondto a greater extent, can only specialist. But it is not always possible to consult a Pro. There are several ways to test a diamond at home.

These tips will help you to distinguish between a blatant copy and the original. Prepare carefully obsmotret the diamond from all sides, carefully considering his unique ability to light refraction.

1) Stone, which is not enclosed in a frame, you can put on a sheet of newspaper or magazine, it does not matter, the main thing that there was a text. If using stone visible letters, and moreover, they increase in size is a fake. The real diamond does not allow to see any numbers, or letters, and certainly will not work as a magnifying glass.

2) Shine a flashlight on the stone, you can also check it for authenticity. A real diamond does not let light through, and the only bright area around say about the genuineness of the diamond.

3) verify the diamond you breathed on him if he stays clean and transparent, then you have a genuine stone because diamonds are excellent conductors of heat. But glass, quartz and other, instantly covered in fog. But keep in mind that there is a stone called massanet, which is likely to steadfastly endure the test.

4) after Examining closer the true diamond can be found on the surface of different inclusions, very tiny, other minerals, which formed as a result of its formation. However, the bubbles do not belong to it, they can only be on the fake stones.

(5) In this diamond cannot be worn edges or rounded edges.

6) Buying a cheap "diamond" know for sure – before you fake clean water, because a real diamond is worth a lot of money.

7) If You purchase the product with a diamond, note that the back side is open, in order to be able to view the stone from all sides, and it should not be mirrored.

8) Despite the overstrength of the diamond can easily scratch a piece of metal or glass, so it is better not to use such a method of verification.

9) There is a misconception that the diamond should sparkle with different colors. All shades of gray – that attests to the authenticity of the diamond.

10) by Placing a diamond into the water, You will be able to determine if your stone from a combination of true and false material, too practiced. In the water you will see the junction if it occurs.