Prepare their minds for work with delicate matters. This complete consecutive course of lessons on the outside of your own consciousness. Read books on esoteric teachings. Master the technique of meditation.
Never attempt to organize the first release from this material world on their own. Be sure to find someone who will agree to take you on a "road".
Be aware that astral projection the world is neither hell nor Paradise. This is the world of the subconscious. But not all creatures created as a result of someone's mental actions, will be glad for your intervention. Therefore, make sure your good intentions and your ability to stand up for yourself in the mental plane.
Going on a journey into the world of boundless sensual information where you can get answers to any questions, free from the bustle of your heart. Work on the purification of karma. Unicorn – a being in generally good and clean. Therefore, before it, need in an appropriate state of mind.
Going to the astral plane, set out to gain knowledge. You must want the power that you are able to give in the future, the wisdom, and not personal gain, but only the knowledge itself, as such. Imagine that it is the only important thing is the Foundation and purpose of your life.
Remember that regardless of whether you are the first attempt to meet a unicorn in the process of his journey, or not, to make themselves from the astral world it is impossible. Firstly, anyone in the world makes no sense to do good for you, and secondly, you can put up with a future trouble.