To start with give pants . For you to be able to have a full understanding of the possible shortcomings of the product, it needs to be tested. Moreover, there is a chance that after washing, the wool pants will shrink and become the size.
Strut leg in problem areas. If extra - length only, then you need to process only the bottom of the product. If the hips and waist are experiencing this problem, then you need to unpick the waistband and rip both legs at the seams. A fly can not touch. And if the difference is not very noticeable, it is possible to make do with ripping internal stitches. Remove all threads, so they don't interfere with your future work.
Lay the product on a flat surface. Outline with chalk the places of seams and draw the same silhouettes at a distance, which is going to take the product around.
Threads of contrasting color, mark the location of future joints on narrower silhouette. To do this, simply use a seam "forward a needle".
Stitch the legs, starting with his pants. In this case connect the first rear halves between themselves, then the front. Then sew the side seams internal, and then external.
Usate belt at the seams to perfectly fit the measured size.
Sew the waistband. And to top it off handle the bottom of the product. If there is need to reduce the size, then just take on the ACC a little more fabric.
Or just refer your problem in the sewing Studio. Experts will solve it in the desired period and for a very reasonable fee.