You will need
  • - A chess Board;
  • - a set of figures for game in chess;
  • - basic knowledge of the rules of the game.
The main purpose of chess debut for the rapid mobilization, i.e., the elimination of the pieces on the strongest position. The most important principle of mobilization is consistency. All your pieces should evolve as a single unit. Never play only one piece. Remember the Golden rule of war: any attack that is not covered from the rear, is doomed to failure.
At the beginning of the chess game never play the Queen. The Queen is the most expensive figure. He's worth nine pawns. Acting alone, the Queen will become an easy target. While the enemy is developing, your Queen will run on the Board, fleeing from attacks. You will lose the pace of development and lose the party.
Save the pace of development. Never go one piece twice - lose pace. Avoid situations where your figure had to do an extra course. Your job as the player to choose from a variety of moves best.
As the great Philidor: "Pawns are the soul of chess". Build a strong pawn chain, do not let the enemy hack pawn with impunity. Properly built, they prevent easy opponent. The enemy can't "at full gallop" to break into your camp. Pawns, in turn, well cover your attack.
Quickly capture a strong position. The strongest position of any figure – the center of the Board. The closer the figure to the center, the greater its flexibility, the effect. If you manage to capture the center of the Board, you will receive a tactical advantage that might lead you to victory.
Protect the king. He, as the most vulnerable figure that needs to be protected. The only way to protect the king is to make castling with respect to the location of the opponent's pieces to strengthen not under direct attack.
Do not attempt immediately, at the beginning of a chess game, to attack the enemy king. Create a strategic plan. Direct attack on weak enemy positions.
The second stage of the game, the middlegame, is considered a phase of active matching actions. Scope of tactical maneuvers in the middlegame depends on the game in the beginning game of chess. Playing the debut, try to foresee what the position will be at the end.