You will need
  • - paper patterns,
  • - Mel,
  • fabric
  • - threads,
  • - needles,
  • - scissors,
  • - iron.
Select the fabric. Do not seduced by the beauty of fine fabrics, like silk, because they are incredibly capricious in cutting work. To vest, perfect corduroy, tweed, spandex.
Draw on paper the pattern of the future vest. For the construction of the pattern you will need the following measurements: height, circumference of the trunk above the Breasts, chest girth (CG), waist circumference (FROM), hip circumference (ABOUT), back length to waist (TPA), shoulder width (SHS), shoulder width (SHP), neck girth (OSH) and the height of the hips (WB).
Transfer the pattern to the fabric and add seam (2-2. 5 cm). Then cut out all pattern pieces and transfer the undercut.
Sew all the seams of waistcoat and lining except shoulder and Ratatouille. Put the lining on vest face to face and align the seam lines. Then sew the lining and the jacket cut neckline and arm openings at the front and lower sections.
Cut the seams allowances, slash on rounded and obliquely nadsekite on the corners. Then turn the lining through nezastroennoe shoulder.
Sweeps and Tutuila region. Fold the face-to-face shelves and back and sew the shoulder seams, while not taking lining.
Ratatouille allowances of seams and allowances of the shoulder seams of the lining, fold and baste. Then attrocity vest on all sides the face and Tutuila.