You will need
  • A computer running the Windows operating system (XP, Vista or Windows 7), basic skills on work with computer
In order to reduce the size of the shortcuts in Windows XP, go to "display Properties". You can open the "control Panel": start menu" (select "Settings", then "control Panel"). Locate the item called "Screen", select it and press "Enter". To invoke the menu "display Properties" from the context menu of the desktop. To do this in an arbitrary place on the desktop (or any shortcuts) click the right mouse button, in the popup menu select "Properties".
In the window "display Properties" select the tab "appearance" and then click "Effects". In the menu that appears, uncheck the checkbox next to "Use large icons". After you click OK, the size of the labels decreases.
In Windows Vista to change the sizeand shortcuts you need to click the right button anywhere on the screen, in the popup menu, hover over the item "View" and choose the icon type. The smallest "Classic", then "Normal", well the biggest, of course, "Large". Change the sizeof icons and happens right after you click on the appropriate text boxes.
Size labels desktop in Windows 7 is exactly the same as in Windows Vista, except that the little icons are called "Small".