Free from labels desktop, then right-click, open "Properties". Select the last tab – Settings.
Move the pointer resolution of the screen to the right, while selecting the optimal increase in the number of pixels per inch, taking into account the proportions of your monitor. The more the value is, the finer will look desktop icons. If you cannot change the resolution, try changing the module connect the monitor in the drop down menu at the top.
In this case, note that the size will change not only them, but also fonts, Windows and everything else. Adjust the size of fonts on the second tab of the open window, click "Advanced". Select the item for which you want to change the font, adjust the configuration accordingly to your own preferences and apply changes.
If necessary, change the Wallpaper on the desktop, because the more resolution you set, the more necessary will be the image for the desktop. If used as a Wallpaper was used small-sized picture, in the new conditions it will look even smaller due to the increase in image quality.
Use one of the alternative ways of changing the icon size. To do this, open the properties of your desktop. In the appeared new window, select the tab "appearance", then click on the "Settings" button. Select from the drop down menu "Label". Specify a value for the size of its image on the right, apply and save the changes.
Reduce the size of the font so it didn't seem disproportionately large relative to your icons. Do this while in the same paragraph menu just below the settings label font settings. Apply and save new settings.