Remember how you've installed additional themes site social networks. It could be the add-on called Stylish, if you use the Mozilla Firefox browser. In this case, to return to the default view of the page by the complete removal of this plugin.
In the browser, select the menu "Tools", click on "Settings" and then on "add-Ons". In the list of plugins, find Stylish, click on it with the left mouse button once. Will appear the buttons "Remove" and "Disable" – click the desired button, then click on "OK". Now we need to update "Vkontakte" and to ensure that the page is back to the standard view.
If you are using Internet Explorer, go to return to the standard view of the site "Vkontakte" in the menu "tools," or Tools, then "Internet options" or Internet Options. Then go to the tab "General" (General), then select "Formatting" (Accessibility), and then clear the check box next to the line "format documents using my style" or Format documents using my style sheet. Click on the "Apply" button, then close the menu.
In the case of the Opera browser you need to go to menu "View", select "Settings", then uncheck the box with "Disable styling of forms". Also, delete the path to the file with the extension css (file of style), to delete a topic previously selected. Click on the "OK", then update "Vkontakte".
If the theme has not changed, go to the site "Vkontakte" (in the same browser, Opera), right-click the mouse on any place of website, then select "site Settings". There, select the View tab, then uncheck all of the boxes.
Just in case, change the password on his page "Vkontakte" after return to the standard theme. Often programs that enhanced the user experience on the website, steal user passwords, and other personal information. Refers to programs that give you the ability to send photos on the wall of friends, download videos and music, change the theme.