Weight gain on 26-27 week of pregnancy

In the period 26-27 weeks expectant mother can gain about 7.5-8 pounds. This weight gain is normal and consists mainly of the weight of the fetus, the increased weight of the uterus, blood volume, anatomical fluid and swelling of the breast. It turns out that the woman is gaining excess weight quite a bit. After childbirth and breastfeeding kilos go away.

It is worth saying that the figures given above is a relative indicators, that is, the rate of weight a pregnant woman may differ from norms of other individual characteristics has not been canceled. So if a woman at this period gained like 10 kg, but her doctor has not on this occasion trouble, and pregnant experience is not necessary. But if you gain weight deviates from the norm by 8-10 kg, then the future mother should think about whether she eats, and also consult with a specialist on the issue of the daily menu.

It is worth noting the fact that small weight gain during a period of gestation of the baby may adversely affect the health of pregnant and fetal development. It will get the nutrients in a sufficient amount that will likely hamper its development.

How to eat not to gain excess weight?

From the moment the woman learned that she is expecting a baby must change its usual menu. You need to try to eat natural and healthy foods, eat often but in small portions. On 26-27 week of pregnancy the principles of nutrition do not change. Every day you need to eat foods that are rich in calcium and protein. They serve as building material for a child.

From flour, carbonated drinks, too much fat, fried, spicy food, sweet and salty should be abandoned.
Ideal for future mom Breakfast is cereal, or other "complex" carbohydrates. Protein should be consumed at lunch. And dinner make it as easy as possible. If before going to sleep "Wake up" the appetite, but to satisfy hunger, it is recommended a light salad of vegetables or fruit, yogurt or plain yogurt. More fatty and heavy foods eaten at night can cause heartburn, heaviness in the stomach and will cause insomnia.

You should drink enough water to remain hydrated during pregnancy is very desirable. If earlier the doctors said that you need to use as less liquid, because it causes swelling, but now experts have revised their opinion. Limiting the amount of water may be detrimental to the health of the woman and her baby. Doctors suggest to drink pure non-carbonated water, fruit drinks and fruit drinks, but not too sweet. But abuse fresh juices are not recommended, they can lead to unwanted weight gain.