You will need
  • - a knife or a potato peeler
Don't forget before working with any vegetables, wash them carefully (asparagus is no exception – rinse it under cool water).
Need to get rid of dry fibrous tip of the asparagus (place close to the roots of plants). To do this it is simple enough – it easily breaks off at the right place. Typically, its length ranges from 1 to 3 cm depending on the length of the vegetable.
Next, you have to understand how the young vegetable. If the skin is very soft, and cut its not worth it (after all, it is a sufficient quantity of vitamins for which you acquire the asparagus). Enough carefully with a sharp knife to cut the film with the "head" (head) of the vegetable.
If the skin is thick and fibrous (as often happens with white asparagus), then you need a more thorough cleaning. For this you will need a sharp thin knife and the best knife for cleaning of potatoes (popularly known as the "potato peeler"). Putting the stalk on the palm, begin to remove the skin layer by layer from head to bottom, until you get to the juicy core and not get rid of all the fibers. That's asparagus and is ready for further processing!