Advice 1: How to cook green asparagus

Asparagus is considered a leader among vegetables in content of vitamins. Therefore, it is important to prepare as thoroughly as possible to prolonged thermal treatment does not destroy nutrients. In contrast to the white asparagus growing under the ground, the green absorbs influencing solar energy, which is why it is different from her sister more intense flavor and aroma.
How to cook green asparagus
You will need
    • green asparagus;
    • water;
    • salt;
    • sugar;
    • butter;
    • high pan or steamer.
In contrast to the white asparagus, green no need to peel, the skin is so delicate that the need in this no-does not arise. Will only need to trim the bottom zaberemenila the ends, rinse the sprouts asparagus under running water and primary treatment can be considered complete.
If the asparagus is fresh, and at the end of the stems at a slight tap of the finger drops of juice, then the above procedure can be skipped, it will be enough only one washing.
But if you got the old stems, no peelers to do unlikely. But in this case, you do not need to clean the stems completely. Tough skin is covered with germs from the old usually only the lower third. Peelers if you don't, cut it off with a sharp knife, trying to capture maximalno a thin layer.
If you decide to boil the asparagus in water, then for these purposes, a very high or a very wide pan. Collect the treated stems into a bundle, tie them with a rubber band or kitchen string. Boil water, add to the pot a pinch of salt and sugar and a small piece of butter.
Dip asparagus in boiling water, immediately turn off the heat of the burner under the pan. After 10-15 minutes of being in hot water asparagus reaches the desired degree of readiness, and can be served to the table, Dobrev special sauce and garnish.
For cooking asparagus in the steamer, put the stalks in a steam bowl and cook them not more of the same 10-15 minutes. If for some reason you overcook them, the asparagus will become watery and lose flavor. In this case, it will not save the best sauce.
Useful advice
Green asparagus is good boiled. It can be roasted and even eaten raw in composed salads and as a separate snack.

Advice 2 : Fresh asparagus with new potatoes

In the spring the body of any person is experiencing a total lack of any useful elements, and this leads to disruptions in the body, the development of apathy, deterioration in the appearance and many other problems. This will help avoid a well crafted menu of dishes prepared with the use of wholesome foods.
Fresh asparagus with new potatoes

One of the most healthy meals rich in vitamins and other necessary for the body components, is a dish of fresh asparagus with new potatoes and estrogonofe sauce. To prepare asparagus with new potatoes and estrogonofe sauce you need the following set of components:

- white asparagus (2.3 kg);

- the mustard is very hot (1 tsp);

- butter of the highest quality (1 teaspoon);

pate with mushrooms (3 teaspoons);

- sand sugar (1 pinch);

- freshly ground black pepper and salt small (at its discretion);

- yogurt is not very fatty (520 g);

- fresh tarragon;

- potatoes (1.2 kg).

Kitchen with a sharp knife clean the asparagus, and as much of the rind should be cut with stiff ends. In a saucepan large volume pour filtered water in a small quantity, boil it, add butter, salt and sugar.

Once the cream mixture comes to a boil, put into it the purified white asparagus, pan is not very tight to cover, continue cooking for another fifteen minutes. However, if shoots of asparagus are too thick, they will have to cook a little longer.

With the use of a special brush for vegetables rinse all the tubers of young potatoes very carefully. To put it in the pan then pour a small amount of water, salt it and cook at least twenty minutes, avoiding of cooking. Tarragon rinse, spread on a paper towel, thoroughly dry, then a large kitchen knife to chop very finely.

Not very fat yogurt mixed with mustard, pate with mushrooms, freshly ground pepper and salt. Add the chopped herbs to the mixture, season and stir again. Of the vessel where the cooked potatoes, drain all the water and boiled the tubers cool. In a colander drain boiled asparagus along with the potatoes put her on a La carte dishes, there lay astragony thick sauce.

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