No wonder they say that we all come from childhood. It was then that the foundations of education and boys are taught to hold back the tears and feelings, to behave courageously. But in this day and age, any kid can find support, encouragement, the touch of the mother. As found by the psychologists, the need to feel the touch of a woman in a difficult moment experiencing the majority of men. Do not neglect this magical tool, if you see your man upset, but not yet ready to discuss my problem, just touch it often.
Don't ignore his bad mood, depressed and angry. Do not meddle with annoying questions, but let them know that you are concerned about his condition and you care about his problem. Express willingness to listen to him when he is ready to share with you. Keep calm, don't panic, all his behavior shows that you believe in him and know that he can cope with difficulties.
When he will be able to tell you about their problems, listen to them carefully. Even if you thought so, you should not say that it is nonsense, start to make a joke about it. If he's upset, so for him it is not a trifle, but it's very serious. And treat the problem. Listen to and ask him to give you time to think about the situation, show that you share his concern.
After a time, offer him your solution to the problem, but don't insist on it, let him make the choice. Your participation and cared about – that's the most expensive support for it. Tell him that whatever the circumstances, you always love him and accept his will. He must be sure that he has a reliable rear and loving friend, ready to support him in any way. This confidence will give him extra strength and he will surely come out the winner, with gratitude and noting your participation in his triumph.