You will need
    • Fat
    • Big pot
    • A fine sieve or cheesecloth
Cut the bacon into small cubes, no larger than a centimeter. To make it easier to cut the fat, pre-podmorozit it.
Put a large pan with a heavy bottom on low heat and add the cubes of bacon. If you're afraid that fat will burn, add a little warm water. It will still evaporate upon further heating.
Slowly raise the temperature, bringing the melted fat to a boil. Stir the bacon from time to time. When the fat begins to melt, you will see how the surface slowly rise solid parts, the so-called cracklings. Allow melted fat to boil until, until the cracklings begin to sink to the bottom. You can also follow the indications of the confectionery thermometer. As soon as the temperature rises to 120 degrees Celsius, can turn off.
Allow the melted fat to cool a little and strain it into a jar, pot or heatproof container through a fine sieve or a gauze fabric. Store the cracklings separately in a small amount of fat. They're a perfect addition to scrambled eggs, beans, buckwheat and pea porridge, potato clackam and many other dishes.
Close the container with melted fatm and place in the freezer. Rapid cooling prevents the formation of grit in the product. Melted fat can continue to store in the freezer or move it to the refrigerator.
If you decide to add fat to sugar, do it immediately after the fat fully melts and you turn it off. Sprinkle sand and gently stir, allowing the crystals to melt quickly.