You will need
  • 1. A piece of cloth with a size of 0.5 meters.
  • 2. Thread the right color.
  • 3. Pattern baby jacket or cardigan.
  • 4. Pencil, chalk, or tailor's remnant marker.
  • 5. The tape.
  • 6. Decorations for alero (appliques, beads, etc.) - on request.
As the basis for the construction of the pattern Bolero essential pattern of any adjoining children's jacket or a cardigan which can be found in a magazine for sewing or knitting. Make sure that the pattern is suitable in size. To do this, measure the chest circumference of the child and verify data patterns. The addition of the width of the shelves and backs, you should get a number equal measure or more 2-5 inches.
Transfer the pattern to paper. Measure on the child the required length of the future Bolero and shorten the shelves and the back of the pattern. Shelves tauste to 10 centimeters and round from the sideline to the line of the neck. For the construction of the pattern sleeve decide what length should be sleeve Bolero, also measuring it on the child. Shorten or lengthen the pattern sleeve, if necessary.
Cut out the finished pattern and place on fabric, pre-defining the location of the transverse and fractional threads. Attach the pattern with pins and trace with a pencil, chalk, or tailor's remnant special marker. Cut out fabric details, leaving a seam of 2 cm at the bottom of the back, the sleeves and the edges of the shelves and 1 cm in other places.
Remove the paper patterns from the cloth. Add up the parts of the backrest and shelves, right sides together and sew shoulder and side seams. At this stage the necessary fitting. If you did everything correctly, the product should good to sit down on the model.
Sew seams of the sleeves and vacate them into the openings. Bottom of sleeves and edge of jacket inside fold 0.5 cm then another 1.5 cm and prostrochite on a typewriter.
Bolero is ready. Now you can optionally decorate it with appliqués, beads, sequins or lace. To give airiness to a new item of clothing can be the edge to decorate with flounces of the same or a more rigid fabrics, such as tulle.