The main objectives of the logo — the attraction, retention and extension attention. It is desirable that the logo reflected the business of your company (or online project). For example, a green leaf for the cosmetic company symbolizes environmental friendliness and naturalness of the product. In addition, the logo should Express the personality of a company or Internet project. There are a large number of unique logos designed by professionals, such as Apple, Nike, Adidas and others. The logos of these famous companies is easy to remember, it's recognizable and looks great in monochrome options, which can be important when printing. The global success of these companies speaks for itself. Any child knows what it looks like the logo of Coca-Cola.
One of the first steps in the logo design is the choice of font. A good font is the key to success. Be aware that consumers are accustomed to seeing high-quality text logos in the media. You can't allow your website or letterhead of your company the impression of cheapness. A significant portion of the available web fonts have already been anyone used. To get high-quality font which will belong only to you, it makes sense to order the development of the font.
In logo design it is advisable to use colors that are associated with the subject site or type of activity of your company. For example, yellow is associated with the travel company that sells trips to Turkey, and blue - with the airline. Yet, we should not rigidly adhere to this rule, in fact, all it is conditional. In some cases, a crazy combination of colors looks great and it looks natural. While the color design of the logo should be based on the ratio of colors to each other, and not on the colors themselves.
Before you choose the shape of the logo, we should define the purpose of its design. Note that the shape of the logo catches the eye in the first place, and so it largely determines the initial attitude of the consumer to the logo. It is better that the logo was small. The most common forms are simple geometric shapes: square, round, triangle and oval. It should be noted that the shape of the modern logos are often formed on the basis of several geometric shapes. In addition, when building a logo is especially important the correct proportions. There are many nuances and subtleties that at first glance seem a minor detail, while based on them is the logo design.
Effective design of a logo should create a positive image among the target audience; to display your company's philosophy; to reflect the specifics of your business; be visually attractive; to be carried out efficiently and professionally; must be easy to remember, to Express our individuality and be unique.