You will need
  • Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop.
Start Photoshop and create a new document. Press Ctrl + N to invoke the related dialog. In the Name field, type the name of the file that the program should use to save your work in PSD format. In the fields "Width" and "Height" specify the size of the image to be created - enter the number with the stock, the exact values will be determined automatically in one of the following steps. In the dropdown list "Content background", select "Transparent" and then click OK.
Download or draw a prepared version of the logo. If you have already created the image with a pencil, the image can be scan - this is "WIA Support" under "Import" section of the menu called "File". If the picture was created in the graphic editor, then switch to the right window, select the entire image (Ctrl + A) and press Ctrl + Shift + C. This will copy not one layer, and all layers created by the image. Then switch to the window logo and press Ctrl + V to paste all copied.
Modify the picture. If it is a scanned image, then draw means a copy of Photoshop on a new layer - it is created by Shift + Ctrl + N. Add the logo visual effects. Some of them - shadow, glow, overlay gradients and patterns, inking, embossing is enabled and configured using the dialog, which is invoked by double-clicking a line in the layers panel. Links to other visual effects placed in a section of the Filter menu of the photo editor.
Trim any excess margins around the logo. To do this, open the menu section "Image" and click the "Trimming". There will be a separate window in which you need to put a mark opposite to "transparent pixels" and click OK. Photoshop will determine how many and which edges should be cut off and resizes the "canvas".
Please save your work first in PSD format, and then in one of standard graphic formats. The first option will be useful for further editing of the logoand the second can be used as intended - to put in text documents, to print, to insert in a web page, etc. a Few different save dialogs are invoked from the "File" menu in the graphic editor - there are placed the command "Save" "Save as" and "Save for Web & devices".
If you are not able to create a logo in Photoshop yourself, check out ready-PSD-template on the Internet. There's large quantities there are both paid and totally free variants of the logos separately, or entire sets, including templates of business cards, envelopes, booklets, etc.